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This 2017 Alfa Romeo 4C was purchased from Shawn Stuart at Airport CDJ in Orlando, he provided pictures and videos quickly on request and answered all of my questions- VERY responsive. First pics below are from the dealership ad along with the videos Shawn sent me.

I had been looking at the 4C since it came to the US but couldn't find the car or deal I wanted, they seemed to be mutually exclusive. And then Alfa announced the 4C Coupe would be discontinued for the NA market in February 2018 and corporate cars with little to no miles started to show up at greatly discounted prices. The first car I found was in NC, white with camel interior like my departed Viper, almost as well optioned as this car but the dealer became non-responsive to on to the next car. This was the second car I found, I called the dealer as soon as I received the listing notification from CarGurus and beat some other people to the deal. This car had most of the available options, and one of the key things I was looking for which was the Akrapovic Titanium Exhaust.
Window Sticker HERE, AutoCheck Report HERE.

ALFA (Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica Automobili, English: Lombard Automobile Factory, Public Company)

I would recommend that anyone buying one of these cars that has the oil changed as part of the pre-sales process check the oil type, I didn't know the oil had been changed but found the sticker on the windshield later as we were driving home.....5W20 ???? And all tires inflated to the front spec....

So much for trusting dealer service departments for knowledge. The first thing I did the following day after returning home was source Pennzoil Platinum Euro 5w40 (Technical Data Sheet HERE, forum thread on required oil HERE) from Advance Auto Parts, one of the few oils available locally that meets the required MS-12991 specification from FCA/Alfa Romeo, and a Mobil1 oil filter (P/N M1-110A) since it was also readily available at Advance Auto. I had already ordered the OE Mopar filter (Mopar P/N 68237532AA, Mann P/N 6014) in bulk from Rock Auto but not in time for this change (forum thread on oil filters HERE and HERE). Mopar Filter Guide HERE. This Mopar filter has a higher bypass pressure than most of the readily available McParts filters (similar to the Viper filter) so at the next change I will have and go back to OEM.

To get the car in the air I used the Sector111 guide (archived HERE in pdf format).......and then reviewed the Alfa Workshop Oil Filter Change DIY Guide HERE and the forum guide HERE. Checking the oil level seems straight forward but there is some discussion on the forum whether 5 or 6 qts is the correct fill based on the dipstick HERE. Resetting the oil service reminder is detailed in an Alfa Romeo video HERE.

But really, as long as you find a way to capture all the oil that leaks out when removing the filter (on TIGHT from the factory with what felt like no oil on filter seal prior to installation so that will SLOW you down the first time while all the oil drains down onto you and the garage floor), you might be OK following this guide using a TopSider and accessing the oil filter from the driver side wheel well: Alfa 4C Oil Change Without Removing Diffuser.

I was not sure that the car would come with the oil fill cap removal tool so I ordered one, the dealer found it so now I have a spare. Tough part to track down online, but MoparOnlineParts had it, P/N 68320860AA. Makes for an easier time removing the oil fill cap without scratching it AND without having to remove the engine cover to access the cap.

[EDIT] There is another oil that now has the FCA MS12991 spec on the label, Valvoline Advanced Full Synthetic MST 5w40 (aka Synpower) available cheapest from NAPA online. Only the latest packaging lists the spec, but the older Synpower package has the same SKU/UPC/Item/Part Number- specification sheet HERE.


Xpel Ultimate Plus Paint Protection Film (VIDEO) on the front bumper/hood/fenders/roof/rockers/mirrors/door handles and
Xpel Prime XR Plus Ceramic Window Tint (VIDEO) installed at Sun&Shield Automotive Films.


Gentex Series 8 Frameless Auto-Dimming Mirror with Homelink P/N 50-GENK80A (installation and user manual HERE) purchased and installed along with my faithful Valentine 1 radar detector (manual HERE, archived HERE). The mirror is a little wider but sits closer to the headliner so visibility is about the same. Some opt to remove the existing mirror mount and install a new one, but I found the existing mirror mount worked somewhat- not perfect but I really did not want to risk damaging the $3500 windshield I later discovered that although it appeared to be secure it really was not making great contact anywhere but at the lower end of the mount and the mirror did not slide far enough on to the OE mount to really did vibrate a little after some time in the heat/sun so I ordered Dorman 76864 Rear View Mirror Bracket Assortment, 3 Piece and Versachem 11109 Rear View Mirror Adhesive from Amazon. OE mount removed and new mount installed without issue- lots of YouTube videos out there but this one is a good one - I used this technique coupled with vice grip pliers on the mount (not touching the glass), proceed at your own risk as there are many horror stories out there.

Pics below illustrate the process to access the passenger footwell fusebox and wire the 12v +power and -ground. All wiring came from the manufacturer with each product and included fuses. I did have to source an Add-a-circuit Fuse TAP Adapter Mini ATM APM Blade Fuse Holder to tap into an empty accessory socket in the fuse box, this also required trimming the ridge around the fuses so that the tap would fully seat in the fuse socket. For a ground I just loosened one of the Torx bolts holding the fuse box to the mounting frame, inserted both ground terminals, and retightened. The a-pillar trim can be removed by pulling at the top and then straight out. The foot well panel can be carefully pulled out after removing 3 screws (Look like Phillips head but are actually Pozi) at the base under the floor mat, one screw at the upper right, and another screw on the upper left under a plastic cover (this requires removing a plastic push pin rivet on top and two Torx bolts on driver/passenger side and pulling up/sliding the cover towards the firewall to remove)- hopefully you don't need to replace a fuse in some remote location because this is not a quick process. Wiring can be tucked under headliner and run over and down the a-pillar to the fusebox.

This forum thread was a big help


Lloyd Luxe Floor Mats from Auto Anything purchased so that the factory 4C floor mats could be saved for posterity.



After a few weeks I see myself owning this car for a while (famous last words but only the second vehicle I have purchased an extended warranty for). Mopar/Alfa Romeo offers a Maxcare warranty option up to 8 years/125k miles from the in-service date. I purchased the Mopar warranty on our Jeep from Clay and he beat everyone else. If you need a Mopar warranty inquire with Clay Robbins via email at Zeller Motors, he was very responsive to emails and quick to process our application and deliver the warranty.
MaxCare warranty FAQs HERE.
The official response to aftermarket modifications such as a cold air intake with this "extended service contract", not warranty, HERE.


POWERFLEX Lower Engine Mount Bushing Insert (P/N PF1-1020) ordered from EuroCompulsion....installation instructions HERE and HERE. I chose the Yellow Street Durometer (75A), nothing super hardcore like replacing ALL of the mounts in the Lotus with solid poly.....felt great but made ALL rattle, including the passengers- YMMV I'm just trying to limit 'some' of the engine slop.
Forum thread HERE. Video that shows OE engine mount removal HERE.
I just removed the bottom panel (no need to remove the diffuser) and then the smaller panel covering the mount- T30 for all bolts. There is a heat shield on the mount, slide clip off and remove. I was able to get a breaker bar on the 15/16 bolt to break loose, then used 13/16 and 15/16 Gearwrenches to remove the bolt/nut- you can pull the mount down and push the exhaust up to get the bolt out. An E18 (External Torx) is used to loosen/remove the other bolt. Mount removed and rubber cleaned up where mold lines are at, at large end insert small black bushing into bolt hole and yellow bushing into mount voids. Reinstall mount (don't forget the metal washer/spacer on top) and torque to spec- I was able to line the motor/trans up with the mount to insert the bolt by hand, reinstall heat shield, reinstall panels- DONE. I did have the thread wear in the large end where the mount moves against the bolt, the small black bushing should fix that.
Went for a ride in the N. GA mountains and did not notice any additional NVH but shifts were more positive and throttle response seemed a bit better without the play this mount insert eliminated- cheap mod, should be at the top of the list.


Some pics from 2018 August mountain drives in North GA/SC/NC/TN.


EuroCompulsion V1 Intake ordered. Did not purchase as a kit but sourced the EC silicone/Kevtek hose/clamps from a forum user (they didn't have the filter) and then ordered the Sprint air filter from EuroCompulsion, all new at a ~30% savings versus just ordering the kit.
Analysis HERE shows why Sprint filters are better than the rest (PDF version HERE).
Installation instructions HERE, Tech document HERE, forum discussion HERE.
And probably a good time to upgrade the intercooler hoses when I get around to installing this, EuroCompulsion Complete Intercooler Hose Kit. Why upgrade the intercooler hoses? Your answer is HERE. Docron's write-up on the upper intercooler hose he installed HERE. Lower intercooler hose intro from EC with another Docron writeup on Page 3 HERE.
Alfa9 Supply also carries a hose kit.


I really missed Android Auto and a backup camera so Alpine to the rescue. Alpine Halo9 Audio/Video Receiver (P/N iLX-F309) and Alpine Rear Camera (P/N HCE-C1100) ordered from Morris 4x4, Alpine License Plate Camera Mount (P/N KTX-C10LP) ordered from Crutchfield....they could have had the whole order but did not want to price match and I saved ~ $130.
Manuals: iLX-F309 Owners Manual and Installation Manual, HCE-C1100 Owners Manual, KTX-C10LP Installation Manual.
A great forum thread with pictures on installing the rear camera is HERE.

Installation- Wiring, easy since I had the OE Alpine radio, I just had to move two wires that were missing in the OE plug from the new plug. Small pick used to release/remove wire pins and then inserted in correct position in the plug already in the car. Other than this and the camera wiring I will need to do at a future date, plug and play. I knew I would need to fabricate a way to support the radio since it is REALLY designed to bolt to the chassis mounts used in other cars. I just kept the existing sleeve for the OE radio in place and moved the rear locating PIN to a custom bracket that slides into place on the new radio. Only caveat with my custom bracket is that it required installation from behind/below after the radio was partially inserted into the sleeve, this required some yoga/contortions in the passenger side footwell. After installation it was SOLID. One trick to note is that the display should be mounted before pushing the radio all the way back, no way to assemble completely before the chassis is inserted and no great way to assemble with it inserted all the way. The chassis allows for a closer screen mounting position to the dash but this will not work, just leave it as it comes. I also purchased a MicroBypass Parking Brake Override Bypass for Alpine (instructions HERE) so that I could access functions without tapping into the parking brake wiring and having to use the parking brake, this gets you most of the way there but I opted not to install the GPS antenna (my phone acts as the GPS antenna when using Android Auto and this Alpine does not have NAV) and I found you cannot set the clock without the GPS signal (WTH Alpine?)- no worries since we have a clock on our display. After installing this head unit I was pleased but left scratching my head as to why some things were engineered the way they were. The display is large and close to the right stalk and key but I don't mind making small compromises as long as everything still works. The OE speakers sound significantly better with the new head unit and Android Auto works as well as it did in the GT350 with factory hardware. Rear Camera on the way.......


Alfa Romeo did not give us an AGM battery so I decided to try the Odyssey battery I had from my last car see if it would work. An Odyssey PC1200MJT from Amazon (Battery Mart) installed using a hold down strap from Poly Performance (SKU WCB-HDAS-METAL - West Coast Battery P/N HDS-1200/1700) as recommended by Odyssey for this application....I also elected to add a piece of foam weatherstrip to the inside top of the mount. This was NOT plug and play but involved some additional modifications to the hold down strap. I had already modified the hold down strap for the last car (detailed HERE) but had to grind a little more to get it to fit the Alfa tray. I also fabricated an aluminum clamp (which I may paint black later) to hold down the rubber cover since I had to eliminate the OE retention strap (rolled up and tucked between battery and mount). Saves a little weight but that was not the main reason for upgrading- I don't have to worry as much with an AGM battery.

Owner's Manual HERE, Technical Manual HERE, Ultimizer Charger Manual HERE, Warranty Information HERE.

Videos that show how these batteries are made HERE and HERE.


OE vs PC1200:


Fall (October 2018) - Quick run up to Dahlonega for brunch and to drive the 60>180>129 loop with a friend, landmark rock pile will be gone soon





Oil Analysis performed by Blackstone Laboratories

Engine Oil Analysis at xxxx miles- Pennzoil Platinum Euro 5w40  


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