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This 2013 Jeep Rubicon 10A was purchased from Brett Silver at Ross Jeep in Boone, NC. One of the easiest transactions ever and the deal was worked remotely. Fair deal on my trade, fair deal on the Jeep, and VERY easy to work with.
Originally introduced in 2012, the motor in this Jeep is the Pentastar 3.6L motor- more Pentastar engine information can be found HERE.
Dealer Ad is HERE (same pics below), window sticker is HERE, build sheet is HERE, MOPAR 10A Winch Info HERE.
A lot of the mods I did to our 2012 Rubicon will be repeated with this one but not necessarily listed or documented again on this page, you can reference the 2012 Rubicon page HERE.
I debated for a while but decided to sell the 10A bumpers for something more substantial. I thought I wanted some weld on rock rails but am thinking now I will keep the factory Mopar Enhanced Rock Rails- write-up HERE (archived HERE) outlines the subtle differences between these and the Rubicon rock rails.

Truck-Lite 7" Round LED Headlights with Anti-Flicker PWM Adapter purchased from Northridge 4x4- Spec/Product sheet HERE.
The IPF headlights on the '12 were much better than OE but the price on LED lighting has come down a bit so I decided to upgrade the 10A with these. I did have to use electrical tape around the headlight to make it snug when bolted in, without this there is a small bit of play. For all else the pictures I took HERE when installing the IPF headlights on the 2012 are applicable.
Results are great, wide dispersion of light and no flickering . A good unbiased review of various headlights that can be used in the JK can be found HERE.
Also used the grill-off occasion to install the European MOPAR hood lock (P/N 82213051) ordered from I saved the supplied plastic rivets for later, the ones removed can be easily reused. The only place I found that had a hand riveter that would work with 1/4" rivets was Harbor Freight (P/N 66422)- caveat being that I could not get it to work with the Mopar rivets, I ended up using the 1/4" rivets that came with the riveter.
Hood lock installation instructions HERE.

Shortly after bringing my 10A home, within a week, I decided to sell my 10A bumpers and hardware to another Jeep enthusiast so I could buy some ACE Engineering bumpers. The rear bumper mounts a little differently so I took some pics for the buyer. The Jeep looks sad with my wife's old OE front bumper but that will serve the purpose over the next few months while I wait.

24" Antenna X AM/FM/CB antenna bought to replace OE antenna- forum post that prompted me to look into these is HERE.
Driving on interstate today it seems to work as well on FM as the OE antenna or maybe a little better, we'll have to wait and see how it works with a CB when I get one of those.