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I decided the Alfa 4C needed a garage mate, and this Fiat 124 Spider Abarth seemed like a perfect match....after all, it was supposed to have originally been an Alfa Romeo, pictures of that concept HERE. Based on the Mazda MX5 platform and built alongside the MX-5 Miata in Japan, Fiat uses their own engine, suspension tuning, exterior body panels, a nicer/more insolated interior, and the last gen Miata NC manual transmission......a little larger and heavier but also a larger trunk. It is doubtful that Fiat will continue to produce the 124 past 2020 and that might be a short run, time to scoop one of these up if you want a new one.

This 2019 Fiat 124 Spider Abarth was purchased from Steve Serrano at Byers Imports in Columbus Ohio, he was quick to respond to inquiries and answered all of my questions. Deal done over email/phone, flew into Columbus, OH and were picked up at the airport by Steve, quick test drive, completed deal, and started the drive home through snow/rain in freezing temps on summer tires. Steve was great AND quick, in and out and on the road home- I highly recommend Steve and Byers but had post sale issues with Huntington Bank, a comedy of errors that had me down to the wire picking up my tag on day 45 of the temp tag expiration after multiple follow ups and trips to the local tag office- Byers and Huntington have worked together for a long time. This was my third out-of-state auto purchase and the only one I had issues with due to the bank.
First pics and video below are from the dealership ad and Steve along with a few pics from the day we picked it up and brought it home in JAN 2020.

I had originally looked at the 500 Abarth which shares its motor with this car, but my wife was not on Abarth, 124 Spider. This car had most of the available options, and one of the key things I was looking for which was the Recaro seats. It also has the Bose system which may end up getting a speaker upgrade and the hand-painted black Heritage stripe (Paint Code QKM). The only option the car does not have is the Record Monza exhaust (P/N 82215590, Greg's review HERE). And the mysterious bag with rubber plugs? Forum post HERE...Abarth specific features and options detailed HERE.
Window Sticker HERE, Build Sheet HERE (same as Equipment List HERE and HERE), Carfax Report HERE, Dealer Ad HERE, Autotrader Ad HERE.

This car is powered by a Fiat 1.4L MultiAir Turbo engine used in many FCA autos in different states of tune (Details: Wikipedia, Allpar, Green Car Congress, Wards Auto, Car & Driver).

FIAT (Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino, meaning loosely “Italian automobile factory of Turin”, the region in which the country was founded)

Coincidentally, 2019 is the 70th anniversary of Abarth cars for Fiat: FCA celebrates 70 years of Abarth.
Abarth story: Wikipedia,, Abarthisti, and SportCarDigest.

Join The Scorpionship (Enter 0 before your US phone number to pass validation and submit) HERE

FWIW, the tires inflated to 32 PSI provide the best feel for me, 29 PSI is too low (Ameridan's Blog post on tire pressure HERE)

I decided the first mod would be Fiat 124 Spider Rubber Mats (Part No: 82215026) from Chrysler Jeep Dodge City of McKinney...... unfortunate that we cannot get Abarth specific mats like the Fiat 500 owners

Also ordered the Fiat Cargo/Storage Tray (Part No: 82215032) from BAM Wholesale.

I also had a chance to get the initial 3 coats of Raggtopp Fabric Protectant on the top, it will be nice to have a top that beads water like the rest of the car (and is UV protected) that shows prep and application HERE.


Valentine 1 radar detector hard wire installed (manual HERE) along with V1connection LE (manual HERE). V1connection LE will allow Bluetooth connection to the V1 from my Android phone and with the JBV1 app adds a lot of useful functionality- Some discussion around the JBV1 app can be found HERE, helpful settings guide HERE. Since I was using the Bluetooth module in concert with the V1, I was required to use the hardwire kit with main unit/accessory no easy mirror tap this time.
[EDIT] NEW V1 Gen2 replaced prior V1 (Owners Manual, Quick Start Guide, Programming Guide, Troubleshooting, How To Upgrade)

After a-pillar is carefully unsnapped, T40 bolts are removed at left of header panel, and some other panel removal around fusebox, the V1 wiring can be tucked under header panel and run over and down the a-pillar to the fusebox. I elected to tap into fuse position 6 because it was open, had accessory power, and would not affect another circuit.

The Lumision Add-A-Circuit (Mini Low Profile ATM) is a bit loose since it does not fully seat so I placed some 1/2" foam weatherstrip in the fuse cover to hold it firmly in place over bumps as others on the forum have done. I ordered the HitCar Add-A-Circuit and while only rated for 5A vs the Lumision's 20A, the HitCar plug looks to be a bit deeper and may work better in this application. The ground wire was tucked under the 10mm bolt of the fusebox. V1 power adapter and Bluetooth module tucked out of the way above the fusebox.

Some resources I utilized were Ameridan's Page and Elliot Check's Video.

Next up, Hood Lift Kit by Cobalt (Part No: 910-720) from Moss Miata, installation instructions HERE and some additional/supplemental instructions from Ameridan's blog HERE.

PTP Turbo Blanket (Part No: FPRO35-103-01) from
Forum discussion HERE and Xtreme Revolution's DIY guide for a similar product can be found HERE (note the discussion on page 2 about factory heat shield being replaced/discarded) and HERE.....nice since these come with no instructions, closest they have is the Dodge Dart MultiAir. Video demonstrating turbo blanket effectiveness HERE, for some reason they show the factory heat shield in place.
Updated forum discussion HERE.
SO, it does have a bit of a smell the first few drives but that is not a big deal. However, pop the hood and you feel minimal heat from the turbo, it really does work.

Oil Catch Can from Racing Car Parts Home eBay store, but same can is available on eBay from multiple vendors (search for BMW N54 335i 535i oil catch can) in multiple colors at different prices- pick a vendor with good ratings and price.
To complete the installation you'll need to source ~3' each 5/8 (Gates P/N 27008) and 3/4 (Gates P/N 27010) PCV oil resistant hose, a 3/4 to 5/8 reducer (Gates P/N 28611), Lined Hose Clamps- 9/16" to 1-1/16" Diameter, and fabricate a mount- I used bar stock steel at first and then decided to make the final version in aluminum. I also decided to pick up some sleeving to make it look OE, terminated with electrical tape. All in around $100 with minimal effort to source components, and could be even cheaper if you don't sleeve the hoses- you could actually do this for ~$50.
[EDIT] I later decided the sleeving was more trouble than it was worth, so it was removed. I did use a small piece combined with a zip tie to prevent it from rubbing the plastic reservoir.

If you don't have time or don't want to hassle with sourcing components yourself, EuroCompulsion offers a catch can with all the parts ready to go, their installation instructions HERE.

Forum discussion HERE, HERE, and HERE. Engineering Explained - What is an Oil Catch Can? and Do Oil Catch Cans Actually Work?.

Front windows, rear window, and windshield top strip tinted by Mr. Tint using SunTek Window Films. We have been going to Barry Wood for years and he never fails to impress, great work and reasonable price. And snow day.......

Xpel Ultimate Plus Paint Protection Film (VIDEO) on the mirrors/door handles/windshield trim/lower airdam installed at Sun&Shield Automotive Films, my go-to guys for paint protection. Even though I had the matte black stripe, I was willing to make it shiny using the regular Xpel film since Sun&Shield did not have Xpel Stealth Paint Protection Film- they do not use it a lot with their customer base and understandably did not want to invest in materials they would not use. I was OK with that, but did want them to wrap the trunk so it matched the hood (shiny). Issue: the regular Xpel film looked great on the trunk but when they went to reposition film on the plastic spoiler on the trunk they had paint lift, we mutually agreed not to risk paint lifting on other areas of the car and fortunately the small areas that lifted were hidden with the trunk closed, I was able to source some satin paint that was close enough for touch up.

Fast forward a week and I heard back from some other Xpel installers in the area that did have Xpel Stealth film and were willing to do the front bumper/fenders/rockers: AP3 Atlanta Precision Paint Protection Services. They did wrap most edges and the seam on the hood where Stealth meets Ultimate is invisible.

JBL GTO620 speakers purchased from Crutchfield after reading about how easy it is to upgrade the Bose door speakers and the difference they make in this forum thread-
Manual HERE, Spec Sheet HERE, Video HERE.
I use Crutchfield because other than typically being the cheapest, they also include the speaker brackets, wiring harness adapters, and detailed instructions (however there are some differences between the ND Miata they use and our Fiat 124).
Miata ND Factory Manual door panel removal instructions HERE, there are some variations with the Fiat 124.
AutoRicambi How-to Upgrade Front Speakers on a 2017-on FIAT 124 Spider HERE.
Some helpful information compiled by Ameridan HERE.

Since the door panel was coming off to install the speakers I also ordered the Paco Motorsports Sound Deadening Panels (which are cut to fit and provide a 3db gain) and Road Kill RKFR6 3 Piece Foam Speaker Enhancer System Kit for 6" & 6.5" Drivers by Stinger (instructions HERE)- large ring installed at speaker adapter base but not pictured below. You might also notice I removed the outside pins and wires from the wiring adapters, they were not used in my car so out they went- grab the pins with needle nose pliers and push them out the back.
I had ordered the JBL GX600C (thread HERE) but decided if replacing just the door speakers made the Bose system sound a bit better and more defined it would not be worth going with the component speakers and I could just leave the Bose tweeter in the a-pillar as far so good.

Door Bushings (P/N CS-AA598-713) from CravenSpeed installed. I was originally going to order the Cobalt version from Moss Miata that was on sale but after the price changed between adding product to cart and checkout followed by meh customer service, I decided to go elsewhere. I have used CravenSpeed products in the past with our old R53 Mini Cooper S and the products and customer service have always been excellent along with their FREE shipping. I had a question that was sent via email and received a prompt response less than an hour later
Installation instructions HERE. Forum Discussion HERE and HERE. CravenSpeed blog post detailing how these work HERE.

They have even made open source files available/licensed for those that want to try making their own HERE.

I might have discounted the door bushings but having installed a similar TRD door stabilizer product in our old FRS that actually worked, I was willing to give these a try.

I was looking for a Raceseng Sphereology shift knob and most places had it on backorder since the core was out of stock, they have many shift knobs for the Fiat 124 but this is the one I wanted.
I found someone selling a new knob for their BMW on eBay with correct gate 1 pattern and just had to buy the Mazda Miata ND Adapter (P/N 0811012) to make it work for the Fiat, saving myself ~$30. They also have a taller M10x1.25mm adapter (P/N 081104) that raises the shift knob height but at the expense of not fitting flush with the top of the shift boot and this is what they list for the Fiat.....don't get it.
Installation Instructions HERE, Installation Video HERE.

I thought I had decided what to do for exhaust and stumbled on a lesser known single pipe muffler delete from aFe, MACH Force-Xp 2-1/2" 304 Stainless Steel Axle-Back Exhaust System, P/N 49-36901. At the shipped sale price of $167 I thought I would try it out for a while and could always try something else later if I didn't like it. After adding a Dynomax 36473 Stainless Steel Exhaust Tip, still under $200 all in. The clamp that comes with the tip does not work well, common feedback on Amazon. I ended up sourcing a Nickson U-Bolt Clamp (Nickson P/N 17127 - Oreilly P/N 35337) from O'Reilly Auto Parts, this is the clamp they should have provided as this tip is heavy.
Forum threads HERE and HERE.
aFe video HERE, Deyeme installation video HERE.
aFe installation instructions HERE. I reused the OE gasket, if you want to source a new one the P/N is 68314002AA.

Simple, Light, Sounds great, and no drone.

Thinking of installing Mazda CMU firmware to add Android Auto, I found a few websites:

So first step in my mind was to make a wiring harness that could be left in the car and plugged in when required. The Sumitomo 8240-0215 connectors that worked with the CMU plug were not available at any of the large electronics part houses, I ended up sourcing them from Bristol Electronics.
I decided a standard serial cable would work and sourced a Gray YCS Basics 6 Foot DB9 Serial RS232 Cable from Amazon (or HERE in black).
Last but most important, USB to TTL Serial Adapter also sourced from Amazon.
Serial cable cut in half, wires stripped and connector pins crimped (disregard pin on ground wire, that will become a ring terminal to ground at the CMU), found a connector that worked for the center three pins on the usb serial adapter = DONE. After removing the CMU and adding the harness, it will be left in the car for future use so the CMU will not have to be removed again.

Mazda Apple CarPlay and Android Auto Retrofit Kit 0000-8F-Z34 (kit includes cable kit C922-V6-605A and USB Hub TK78-66-9U0C) sourced from Amazon. ID7 Recovery, MazdaToFiatV70AIO, and Mazda AIO 2.8.5 tweaks compiled/written to Kingston Digital 16GB Data Traveler 3.0 USB Flash Drives. After installing ID7 and updating to new Mazda CMU v70 firmware per Ameridan's Blog (don't forget to install 68wooley’s MazdaToFiatV70AIO to get back to Fiat/Abarth logos, correct name for Bluetooth, and functioning OE Nav), the hardware can be installed to add Android Auto or Apple CarPlay, also detailed in Ameridan's Blog and in the Mazda Installation Instructions. To use, reference the Apple CarPlay Quick Start Guide or Android Auto Quick Start Guide.

Decided on an afternoon trip to Bell Mountain in Hiawassee GA, overlooking Lake Chatuge. It had been raining for weeks and with the sun out and temps decent for March 2020, a drive seemed like a good idea. Got to drive the fun curvy roads to get there, parts of 129 and 75 along with some back roads. The last time we were up there was last year in the Alfa 4C.

The first time we went to Bell Mountain was in my Jeep back in 2013, before it was paved you HAD to have a 4x4 to drive to the top: some video HERE starting at about 11:30 and HERE.

GFB DV+ (P/N T9356) purchased new on eBay for about 50% off the market price (if you decide to try eBay, make sure you are getting the GFB part, many counterfeits there that look the same). This should make for more consistent boost after replacing the sub-par leaking parts in the OE diverter not a complete replacement like Forge. It retains the OE parts that work well and replaces the parts that do not.
Forum Threads HERE, HERE, HERE, and .....many more.
Installation video from another owner HERE.
Installation Instructions HERE.

Trunk cargo net from Prestige Auto Accessories eBay store installed. You will receive a net and two posts with NO instructions. Start by removing trunk panel retainers, the center pulls out using a small flat head screwdriver or pick and the retainers can be removed. The posts thread into the holes the retainers were removed from, they will be TIGHT at first but it gets a little easier once they are may need to borrow a rubber jar opener to get a good grip to get them started. These guys were not great on the customer service side post sale, maybe a different vendor is better.

New tag, MXD DNA since it is based on the Mazda Miata MX-5......but with the differentiating Fiat parts/character.

Since I was installing the new tag, I also decided to install a plate mount to replace the OE mount- two weak holes at the top of the plate through the plastic bumper only, one was already stripped out. The plate mount uses two screws through the plastic bumper and into the metal behind it to hold the mount to the car (drilling 2 holes required), machine screws then hold the plate to the mount securely. Includes all hardware, found on eBay or Amazon.

H&R Springs (P/N 29135-2 specific to 124 Abarth models) ordered from TunerShop in Germany. [NOT to be confused with Non-Abarth 124 springs, Miata ND springs, or Miata RF ND springs that others try to pass off as 124 Abarth springs]

Also purchased the shorter/higher density bump stops from Goodwin Racing to match the new lower ride height/higher rate springs.

Forum Discussion HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE.

Installation DIY Guides HERE, HERE, and HERE -- Eibach says not to trim the bumpstops.

Don't forget to re-aim the headlights per Ameridan - Headlight Aiming, jumper wire for OBD2 connector resets level for the adaptive LED headlights.

Eibach Anti-Sway/Roll Bars (P/N E40-55-019-01-11) ordered from Amazon- I was actually planning to purchase H&R sway bars but these Eibachs popped up on Amazon for $222 and they are RED, SOLD.

Forum Discussion on different bars and installation HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE.

Eibach Installation Instructions: Front and Rear
James Barone Racing assembled some great instructions HERE.

EuroCompulsion V1 Intake Hose installed, purchased new at a discount on the forum classifieds from another owner moving on.
Installation Instructions HERE, Technical Information HERE.
Forum threads HERE, HERE, and HERE.

A month or two later I found a great deal on an aFe Magnum FLOW Pro DRY S Air Filter (P/N 31-10266) to complete the setup, some forum discussion on the aFe air filter can be found HERE, HERE, HERE.

AUXITO 2600 Lumens 7440 7443 LED Bulbs T20 7441 7444 LED Light Bulb for Backup Reverse Light Bulbs, 6000K Xenon White from Amazon installed. I used Auxito bulbs in the 4C and was happy with the quality, so decided to use them in this application as well.
You only need a single bulb but most are sold as a pair, I figured this was OK since now I'll have a spare.

Billavista assembled a DIY replacement guide HERE

At 4500 miles, I decided to change the transmission and differential fluid. For the transmission I used Genuine Ford Fluid XT-M5-QS Full Synthetic Manual Transmission Fluid as it worked well in my old NC transmission. For the differential I stuck with the factory fluid, P/N 68333589AA- note there is a "Use Before DATE".

At the next change I will likely go with Amsoil Manual Transmission & Transaxle Gear Lube 75W-90 for the manual transmission (some blend this and Amsoil Manual Synchromesh Transmission Fluid 5W-30 for better shifts) and Amsoil Severe Gear 75w110 (GL5) for the differential. There is a thread HERE (archived HERE) that discusses why 75w110 is the correct fluid for our type of differential This differential fluid was also listed for the NC Miata in the Amsoil guide, similar differential.

EuroCompulsion Hi-Flow Cross Pipe installed. Installation instructions HERE.
Forum threads HERE, HERE, and HERE.

I have all of the applicable factory manual instructions below but take that with a grain of salt- for example, in their crossover pipe installation Goodwin recommends 18-20 ft lbs for the crosspipe to downpipe nuts. So, watch all of the videos and read all of the forum/other DIY writeups before attempting to DIY this, lots of good info out there. Goodwin has a complete exhaust installation write up HERE, NGEN Customs and Performance have a complete exhaust installation video HERE that also includes details around the crosspipe R&R, and Book Autowerks has Crosspipe Comparison and Downpipe Stud Redemption videos.
If I keep this car long term, at some point I will probably go with the EUROCOMPULSION® 1446+ BIG TURBO UPGRADE and upgrade to a full downpipe back Goodwin RoadsterSport exhaust system, but for now this should be fine.

To start, I wrapped the crosspipe with the provided Titanium wrap. I started at the midpipe end (dry, not wet) and wrapped up to the downpipe end, pulling to stretch wrap and overlapping by about half the width of the wrap. There is more info on this process from my internet search HERE and HERE......and I'm sure many more. Process worked well, I made it the length of the pipe with none left over.
I also took some installation pics and added comments to supplement what I found online, below.

And yes, similar to the turbo blanket and maybe a bit worse, you WILL smell the exhaust wrap for a few days as it burns in.

After a recent trip in my wife's Jeep where we picked up a bolt in the tire that necessitated a rest stop tire plug, I thought I might pick up the optional jack kit for the 124 just in case. The cheapest complete kit I found was at Deyeme Racing. These kits are included with cars in some countries, but not the USA. The passenger side cover in the trunk can be removed to access the jack location and mount.

More information on the items that came with the car and optional items like this jack kit can be found on the 21st Century Fiat 124 Spider Blog.

This jack kit and a basic plug kit offer a little more peace-of-mind (I would NEVER use the liquid sealant in the kit, what a mess this makes.) Some additional items you might also want to carry with a basic plug kit are a variety of pliers/wire cutters/razor knife to remove any object that punctured the tire AND to install the plug/trim excess material.

I opened the mail today to find my Fiat Club America 2021 Calendar, and my car/picture overlooking Lake Chatuge at Bell Mountain in Hiawasseee, GA representing the month of November

Titan 20mm Wheel Spacers from Amazon installed- installation instructions HERE. These Titan spacers are hub centric and fit perfect, billet T6 6061 Aluminum with 12.9 grade bolts are the specifications I was provided by them. Car is better aesthetically and now easier to get to the brake calipers when washing the car.

Back was easy with parking brake on but I did not have a helper to apply the brake for the front- I had to use installed lug nuts and a pry bar to hold hub in place while using torque wrench on spacer nuts, towel covering brake caliper to prevent scratches/damage. Note that the back of the OE wheels have pockets between lug bolt holes, this is where the protruding bolts fit. I'm not sure you could go any thinner than 20mm without having to grind down the existing lug bolts.

Forum threads on wheel spacers HERE, HERE, and HERE.

Cinch Seatbelt Tensioner (aka Shoft) from CravenSpeed installed, not as good as old CG Locks which are NLA, but an improvement.

CravenSpeed Buckle Holster also installed for exact reasons they mention, flapping seatbelt and sun glinting off chrome- installation instructions HERE.

Future Maintenance projects: MultiAir Filter Bolt from MoparOnlineParts (P/N 68189847AA) and Turbo Oil Feed Banjo Bolt from Mamba which removes the OE filter.
There is a nice write-up on both of these on Ameridan's blog, 21st Century Fiat 124 Spider.

After almost 2 years of ownership, I decided having both the 124 and the 4C was kind of redundant and traded the 124 in on my 2022 Alfa Romeo Stelvio Veloce. Sadly I don't think Fiat will survive in the USA and Fiat dealer service departments are abysmal even though I only use the dealer for warranty work. Alfa Romeo Daytona dropped the new Stelvio off and drove the 124 back to with sales tax credit was a little more than what I paid for it two years ago in today's market.





Oil Analysis performed by Blackstone Laboratories

Engine Oil Analysis at 4990 miles- Pennzoil Platinum Euro 5w40

Engine Oil Analysis at xxxx miles- Valvoline MST 5w40  


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