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Who is Alfa Romeo? This history on the Alfa Romeo website and Wikipedia article provide a little bit of insight....Enzo Ferrari started his racing career with Alfa Romeo. The history of the Alfa Romeo crest/badge can be found HERE.

This 2022 Alfa Romeo Stelvio Veloce Ti was purchased from Beverly Corte at Alfa Romeo of Daytona, she responded within minutes of my AutoTrader inquiry and answered all of my questions- VERY responsive. Pics below are from the dealership ad.
The new Veloce trim package replaces last years Ti Sport package.

Alfa Romeo named their Stelvio model after the famed mountain pass in Northern Italy near the Swiss border and Austria.
Window Sticker HERE, Build Sheet HERE, Dealer AD HERE.

ALFA (Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica Automobili, English: Lombard Automobile Factory, Public Company)


Maybe the first thing I bought for both the Stelvio and Giulia was the Park Release Tool from Centerline. Leave it in the trunk just in case I need to use it, instructions HERE and HERE.
Alternatively there are several DIY tools out there, an example from the Giulia Forum.  


I decided the first mod would be Alfa Romeo All Weather Mats (P/N 82216004AB) and Alfa Romeo Cargo Liner W/ Subwoofer (P/N 68418513AA) from Alfa Online Parts.
Benny Robles runs the show at Alfa Online Parts and has provided GREAT customer service despite all the FedEx trials and tribulations!


Prior to taking my car in for PPF, I decided to remove the Veloce emblems from the fenders. Later I decided the Q4 and Stelvio emblems had to go, I think debadged is cleaner looking. Park the car in the sun and/or use a hair dryer to warm the double sided tape/adhesive. You can then use fishing line/dental floss OR a plastic trim removal tool to carefully remove the emblems. Typically there is some tape/adhesive left behind, I use a pinstripe removal tool with a drill to get the worst of it off and then follow that with WD40, not a great lubricant but great for fishing and adhesive removal. Next, throughly wash the area with soap and water to remove the WD40, dry, and wax.


Xpel Ultimate Plus Paint Protection Film (VIDEO) on the bumper/front fenders/mirrors/door handles/windshield trim installed at Sun&Shield Automotive Films, my go-to guys for paint protection. I would post pictures but you can't see it


Xpel did not have a pattern available for the Stelvio rocker panels so I bought OEM splash guards (OE P/N 50903569) from eBay seller carpart777.
I also sourced Ford 1019287 Mud Flap Clips to utilize as per Dareek's Stelvio Forum post, in my opinion a better alternative than drilling holes for the front splash guards.
Forum threads HERE, HERE, and HERE.


Ordered and installed Stuff4Car Start Stop Deactivator, shipping was quick and they are very responsive to questions.
Installation Instructions HERE and Installation Video HERE.

Forum thread HERE for alternative method of achieving this.


Ordered Security Gateway (SGW) bypass for FCA cars built dates 2017+ and Dual set of Security Gateway harness extensions for FCA cars (two 12 pin and two 8 pin extensions) 45cm/18" from Stuff4Car. More info on SGW HERE.
Stuff4Car installation instructions HERE (forum intro HERE and HERE) that includes some forum discussion, StelvioForum installation tips HERE and HERE, and EuroCompulsion instructions HERE.

The point of this? So that I am able to use AlfaOBD OR MultiECUScan to review settings/make updates. It is recommended that the bypass module only be installed when needed and then removed to maintain security from hackers. More on AlfaOBD/MultiECUScan features can be found HERE, HERE (Disable Seatbelt Chime), HERE (Panic Button Disable), and HERE (Proxi Configurations). MultiECUScan Module and Cable cross-reference/key HERE.

I already had the module specific cables but decided to purchase the MES Multiplexed License that included the CANtieCAR Interface (interface support HERE). The interface supports Bluetooth, USB, and WiFi modes and has a built-in multiplexor which allows connection to all vehicle modules without additional cables/adapters. The interface also has a built-in memory card which acts as a USB drive and contains the drivers and software.

Installing the extensions.....I did a lot of research and thought about this for a while, after trying access from under/around the steering column I decided to try removing the gauge cluster, this is the EASY way. Started by unsnapping the upper column cover and then removing the trim piece under the cluster. Next, remove two T20 screws in lower column cover and pull down/slide off engagement pins. Remove two T25 screws at bottom of cluster. Using one hand under/behind the lower part of cluster, insert another hand between top of cluster and the dash/binnacle and pull- this will allow the pulling force to be straight out and not angled up or down. Once cluster is unsnapped, push release and lift to unseat plug at back of cluster and remove cluster (easiest with steering wheel low and pulled out). Now you can see the top of the SGW. Remove three 10mm nuts holding the SGW to mount (captive bolts), I used a small 1/4" gearless ratchet and 10mm socket-careful not to drop nuts/tools. SGW should now be removed from mount and have enough slack to push plug release and pull out. Install one set of extensions on car side harness and one set on SGM and route to desired location. Some route to the small storage bin to the left, I routed to the opening below the steering column. NOW, I have easy access to install/remove SGM Bypass and can use MES when performing maintenance like oil changes to reset parameters. Pictures below...

Stelvio Steering Column Shroud R&R, Stelvio Instrument Cluster R&R, and Stelvio SGW R&R. And for those that need it, Stelvio Left Silencer Panel/Airbag R&R.


Purchased pre-owned Alfa Romeo 164 jack on eBay, nice to have on trips.....and I happened to have the required 17mm adapter (left over from my old Fiat 124 jack kit) that works for the Stelvio with the 164 lug wrench.
Some forum discussion on the spare tire option HERE.


NOTE: The following is provided for informational purposes only, user assumes all risks. At least one forum user has had issues as detailed HERE. Most of the forum write-ups are using power/ground into the light/rain sensor (where this user had an issue), same color wires are present in the mirror plug if that seems more desirable....or you might not decide this worth the risk- YMMV.

Valentine 1 Gen2 radar detector (Owners Manual, Quick Start Guide, Programming Guide, Troubleshooting, How To Upgrade) hardwire installed using a Xislet Radar Detector Hardwire Power Cord Mirror Plug Tap with Inline Fuse from Amazon, I used the cord with the smallest pins. A good forum thread on how the trim pieces come apart/off to access the mirror plug is HERE.
Using the Bluetooth connection to the V1 from my Android phone with the JBV1 app adds a lot of useful functionality- Some discussion around the JBV1 app can be found HERE, helpful settings guide HERE.

Started with the suction cup mount but a BlendMount (P/N BV1-3030) was ordered and installed later (Installation Instructions HERE). Customer Support with BlendMount is AWESOME


Alfa Romeo did not give us an AGM battery so I decided to proactively purchase and install an AGM battery-
An Odyssey ODP-AGM49 H8 L5 from FCP Euro with their LIFETIME guarantee (Odyssey specifications HERE), Also available from Amazon.

Owner's Manual HERE, Technical Manual HERE, Ultimizer Charger Manual HERE, Warranty Information HERE.

Videos that show how these batteries are made HERE and HERE.

I found a Giulia battery replacement DIY video that is similar for the Stelvio. I started by connecting jumper cables to a functioning spare battery and the jump terminals under the hood- this will prevent memory loss and having to reset things when the OE battery is removed for replacement (NOTE: be careful to remember you still have power at the rear wiring after you remove the OE battery).
-Next, I removed the vent tube,
-loosened the 10mm nut for the ground terminal and removed the ground terminal/IBS assembly carefully,
-removed the positive terminal cover by depressing two releases and pulling up,
-loosened the 10mm nut for the positive terminal AND removed the two Phillips head screws on the red retainer (this works like sheetrock anchors to hold the positive electronics to the battery) which should allow the positive terminal to be pulled free,
-removed the 10mm nut on the mounting plate at the passenger side base of the battery.

To remove and install the replacement battery, it helps to have another set of hands to hold the wiring out of the way. When installing, it is also helpful to hold the vent tube out of the way as the battery is put into place, careful to slide the battery in from the passenger side to go under the fixed driver side battery mount.
-Next, bolt passenger side mounting plate in place,
-reinstall the positive terminal tighten the terminal nut and screws for the red retainer,
-install positive terminal cover,
-install vent tube,
-install ground terminal/IBS assembly and tighten nut,
-remove jumper cables from jump terminals and battery up front,
-reassemble any interior cover pieces for battery

Additional items purchased were:
Schumacher BAF-B1 Battery Terminal Cleaning Brush to clean both the post and terminal,
Permatex 22058 Dielectric Tune-Up Grease applied to all surface areas of both -/+ posts before reinstalling terminals to prevent corrosion,
Dual USB Car Charger,4.8A Output,Cigarette Lighter Voltage Meter to monitor battery voltage, required specific positioning so I could read the voltage but works well

Some additional information on Alfa Romeo IBS (aka, Intelligent Battery Sensor) can be found in this thread HERE and PDF doc HERE  


Happened to see some forum discussion on the Euro rear outboard headrests HERE, Alfissimo sells them HERE.
I had done something similar in a Touareg we owned in the past, the Touareg euro outboard headrests resembled the center headrest.....hmmm, maybe I could source (2) rear center headrests to replace the bulky outboard rear OE headrests? Done, $60 each on eBay from two different sellers, visibility out rear window a definite improvement....and able to fold down the rear seats without moving front seats forward is nice too.

First oil/filter change for me at 5k miles, good time to install a Stahlbus Oil Drain Valve Plug M14x1.5x12mm from Amazon - Installation and Operating Instructions.

Oil changed using Amsoil Signature Series 0W-30 Synthetic Motor Oil (warranty info HERE) and an OE Alfa Romeo/MOPAR oil filter P/N 04892339AB. If using OE oil, OE Mopar MaxPro+ 159AA SN+ P/N 68444159AA was superceded by MaxPro+ 988AA SP P/N 68523988AA. IMPORTANT to use an oil that meets the spec for LSPI prevention: Hagerty Article, Amsoil Article, Mobil1 Article on LPSI.
No dipstick per se, but there is an optional dipstick (Mopar P/N 2025600210) that can be used as described HERE. I am going to try retrofitting the Jeep dipstick from their 2.0L turbo motor which is closely related to ours- Stay Tuned.
Several good DIY guides: AlfaWorkShop, Auto Tech Mobile Mechanic, Factory Manual, and several forum writeups.

When the oil change notification popped up at ~6300 miles, I did the same as in StelvioForum post #48 HERE to clear the notification (it does not reset the service interval) next oil change I'll have extension cables installed so that I can use a SGW Bypass with AlfaOBD or MultiECUScan to not only clear the service notification but reset the service interval.

Lastly, check the oil level using the process in the owners manual.


Madness AutoWorks Monza Exhaust installed, I needed a little bit more sound and less restriction can only help.
Videos: Madness DIY and Sound Clips (Giulia installation HERE is more detailed and applicable to Stelvio), Madness Lusso vs Monza Sound Clips, AutoFanatic Stelvio Exhaust Installation. The Monza exhaust arrived well packed and UPS-proof, also came with a new catalytic converter/downpipe to exhaust pipe gasket so OE P/N 68315094AA did not have to be purchased for installation.
One of many StelvioForum threads HERE.
My exhaust removal and installation detailed in pics below. One of my favorite tools bought later in life was the Lisle Exhaust Hanger Removal Pliers, wish I had bought this tool 20 years ago, makes hanger removal SO easy as demonstrated HERE. Installation took a little over an hour, not bad at all- Everything lined up easily. 4C was relegated to driveway but was not harmed during this exhausting process
Exhaust sounds loud on cold start but mellows out after it is warmed up, NO DRONE but sounds great when driving agressively. This is they way the Stelvio should have come from the factory. I do have a little acceleration whistle but according to this StelvioForum thread that is normal.....I think the Monza is perfect and the Lusso might actually be too quiet, but I guess it is good to have choices.


As a preventative measure, proactive replacement of the bleeder screws- OE Plastic to Aluminum from alfa_bits eBay store HERE, includes the M8 bleeder screw with extra EPDM o-ring seals.
GMS was first to market AFAIK, followed by others.
There is a Stelvio thread HERE.





Oil Analysis performed by Blackstone Laboratories, DIY Services recorded on Carfax and My WWW Garage

Engine Oil Change at 5106 miles- OE Mopar MaxPro+ Synthetic 0W-30 and Mopar Oil Filter 4892339AB - No sample taken

Engine Oil Change at x miles- Amsoil Signature Series 0W-30 Synthetic Motor Oil and Mopar Oil Filter 4892339AB  


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