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2002 Lexus IS300

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New Car with wife and MSM TRD Sport Grille- No REAL mods yet :-)

New 18" TRD/BBS RK Wheels/Pirelli PZeroNero 225/40 tires (but not dropped....yet), windows tinted 20% smoke (Mr Tint,aka Barry Wood, 404-392-8007)

Few mods in the past few months: JIC Front Strut Bar, Stillen Intake, HKS Hiper Exhaust, Hotchkis Sways, PLP Short Shifter, Momo Race Airleather Shift Knob, HP Racing header/Y-pipe with O2 Sim, TBKO Gauge Pod with Autometer Carbon Fiber gauges, Uniden Beartracker Scanner, Passport Radar Detector(industrial Velcro sticks great to headliner material), JDM Clear Fogs, REAL Carbon Fiber Grille

Dropped on Tokico springs/shocks- about 1 finger in front,1.5 fingers in back

New VIS Carbon Fiber Front Spoiler

HID Headlight Level Control: Custom mounting, Down, Up, Normal

HID Foglights: BRIGHT :-) Pics L to R: Front, With, Without

O2 Simulator Installation Instructions:

Below are the instructions for the O2 Sim install that came with my HP/Toyomoto header/midpipe. The signal wire on the O2 sensor side of the plug is blue and corresponds to the white wire on the harness side. These instructions specify that the white wire on the harness side should be used for the post-cat sensor on the front bank and that the blue wire on the sensor side should be used for the post-cat sensor on the midpipe. I did not feel good running the blue wire underneath the car to the rear sender with the heat from the exhaust and the chance of it getting pinched. SO, I elected to remove the passenger seat/trim and lift the carpet up to access the harness side white wire. The blue wire from the O2 sim can be run through the rubber grommet beside the battery and routed along the passenger side door trim. You have to tap into the harness side white wire close to the connector because it is shielded a few inches up the harness, you can see where the smaller wire is tucked into the shielding wire. For both the front and rear sender connections, I cut the blue wire on the sensor side and then carefully stripped the white wire on the harness side (NOT cut) and soldered the O2 sim wires wrapping carefully with electrical tape afterwards. You can use loom and wire ties or tape and it will look like it was there from the factory. Be careful NOT to splice into the shield or to get this wire and the signal wire crossed. You may also elect to do this at your own risk :-)

The BAD News....

February 22, 2003 (RIP) ....I was at the SELOC/Batlground dyno day (dynoed at 192HP, 195 TQ at the wheels) and had just left to get a bite to eat. While making a left I was hit in the front right passenger side by a Nissan truck, I never saw the guy coming and from the damage (my car spun almost all the way around and the truck almost jumped my car) he was definitely going faster than the posted 35 MPH speed limit. Unfortunately in this state, if you are hit in the side you are ticketed for the accident (Failure to Yield Right-of-way) was totaled but no one was hurt, oh well, easy come, easy go, onto next car.....SELOC was GREAT throughout the whole ordeal: Click to see SELOC thread about this...

Tony Hunter and his gang at Buford Auto Plaza (678-546-4545) paint and body shop also did a fantastic job making sure I didn't get run over by my insurance company (and they do great work, only person I would have trusted to bring my car back to life).