BMW E9O/91/92/93 Euro Light Switch Replacement for Rear Fog Lights

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The US spec BMW models do not come with a switch for rear fog lights. The remedy for this is to source a European switch,

P/N 61 31 6 932 796, for a plug-and-play solution. Since the rear fog switch uses the brighter lights normally used by the adaptive brake light system, this feature is disabled when the rear fogs are switched on. Thanks to all for the prior installations and write-ups with pics on the forums, because of these this was a pretty easy modification.



I started by disassembling a clothing pin so that I would have one of the wooden pieces to use as a soft pry bar not to damage the trim. The spring clip is toward the right/lower side of the trim piece so this is where I started gently applying outward force; you can use your hands to work around the trim piece until it is removed:




This leaves you with the light switch panel. There are pressure fit pins that hold the trim piece to the dash, you can put your hands behind the switch and start to press this piece out working your way around until it is free:




The switch can be removed by pressing the retaining tabs down visible in the picture above and snapping it out of the trim plate. The switch plug can be removed by pressing down the black tab and rotating the gray cam lock around to push the connector out:



The new switch can then be installed by snapping it into the trim plate, plugging the connector back in and pulling the cam lock up/back until it locks into place, lining the switch trim panel pins up with the dash receptacles and pushing it back into place, and finally replacing the upper trim/vent panel by lining up those pins and pushing it into place. You now have rear fogs and this is indicated by a “new” light in the instrument cluster when they are turned on- they can be on both with/without the front fogs when the light switch is in the auto position. You should only use these in the fog; they are BRIGHT even in the day time: