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This 2024 BMW M2 was ordered and then the buyer backed out on delivery after waiting for some time, happened on the morning of the day I was looking for an M2.....we test drove a pre-owned manual transmission M2 first at another dealer, and then this ZF auto M2 that was purchased from United BMW Gwinnett (aka BMW of Gwinnett Place). We felt the ZF auto was a better pair with the S58 motor.
I always wanted an E30 M3 as a poor high school/college student and this G87 M2 reminds me of that car visually.
Dealer Ad HERE, Dealer Brochure HERE, Window Sticker HERE.

After reading this thread and others on oil cooler vulnerability, I ordered the Mishimoto Skid Plate to proactively address: Installation Instructions, Warranty, additional forum threads HERE and HERE.
The first test was to see if it could withstand UPS shipping to my house, but once unpackaged it was straight and intact with all hardware....

As recommended by others, I would also recommend picking up some spare plastic grommets (P/N 7147306224) as they strip EASY, the torque spec must be in the LOW single digits for these.

Front Radiator protection is the next vulnerability as seen HERE and HERE. Since my car is an auto and has the transmission cooler mounted in front of the radiator and does not come from the factory with any protection, I ordered BMW OE STONE CHIP GUARD BOTTOM P/N 17119882366 from ECS Tuning to see if the part will fit the M2 with is or with a little modification. The side and upper stone guards did come installed from the factory.


Xpel Ultimate Plus Paint Protection Film (VIDEO) on the bumper/front fenders/mirrors/door handles/roof installed at Sun&Shield Automotive Films, my go-to guys for paint protection.
Their window tint partners across the street were able to work me in the same day, Precision Auto Styling using Llumar IRX Ceramic Tint.

Purchased interior protection from
- All Weather Floor Mats, Front Set (P/N 51-47-2-473-238)
- All Weather Floor Mats, Rear Set (P/N 51-47-5-A1F-0D2)
- All Weather Trunk/Cargo Mat (P/N 51-47-5-A3E-593)
Forum thread HERE.

Purchased Dynamic Friction DFC 5000 Front Brake Pads (P/N 1551-2478-00) and Rear Brake Pads (P/N 1553-1850-00) from and recommended by BimmerWorld.
DFC Promotional Video HERE. Some great DIY brake pad R&R videos: Front Brake Pad DIY G8X and Rear Brake Pad DIY G8x

After watching this video (forum thread HERE) I purchased the Milltek single midpipe/xpipe combo from AutoID, shipped to me from the Tennessee warehouse.....but AutoID had some pricing issues and tacked on MORE $$$ after purchase which I was invoiced for.....can be found a few hundred $$$ cheaper total for same single midpipe/xpipe combo at Extreme Power House.

Rather than cutting the OE exhaust, I decided on the Mad Axle-Back (forum thread HERE) rear section with carbon tips to pair with above.
Video HERE.


NOTE: The following is provided for informational purposes only, user assumes all risks- YMMV.

Valentine 1 Gen2 radar detector (Owners Manual, Quick Start Guide, Programming Guide, Troubleshooting, How To Upgrade) hardwire installed using a Xislet Radar Detector Hardwire Power Cord Mirror Plug Tap with Inline Fuse from Amazon, I used the cord with the smallest pins. A good forum thread on how the trim pieces come apart/off to access the mirror plug is HERE.
Using the Bluetooth connection to the V1 from my Android phone with the JBV1 app adds a lot of useful functionality- Some discussion around the JBV1 app can be found HERE, helpful settings guide HERE.

BlendMount (P/N BV1-3032) was ordered and installed (Installation Instructions HERE). Customer Support with BlendMount is AWESOME When removing the plastic mirror cover to access the HomeLink plug to tap, think of it as a clamshell that snaps together and into the mirror base. I used a trim tool to start at the bottom and unsnap all the way around/up, after one side has been removed the other side can be removed. If by some bad stroke of luck you break it, it is cheap enough to replace- P/N 51169108976.

Some great guides on the web and forum are HERE, HERE, and HERE.



Oil Analysis performed by Blackstone Laboratories, DIY Services recorded on Carfax and My WWW Garage

Oil Changed at x miles- OEM BMW xxxx  



BMW M2 Documents/Files/Links:

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