VW Touareg Cabin/Pollen Filter Replacement

Sourced form http://www.precisionframe.com/Touareg/PollenFilter.htm




Tools needed: 5.5mm metric socket and driver


Part Numbers: www.rockauto.com The Meistersatz P/N 7H0819631A is the VW OEM filter or www.1stvwparts.com




Total time for changing filter is about 5 minutes.


The V10 (as do all Touaregs) has a cabin pollen filter. It is amazing how dirty these get! You can see the old one on the right.

This is out of a one-owner, totally smoke free car where most of the driving is outer-ring suburbs or rural highways.



1. In the right side (passenger side) footwell remove the upper kick panel by gently pulling down the rear (nearest the seat) edge. Do not pull down the front part! There are three clips that hold this panel up in place.




2. Once this panel is loose, unplug the wire to the light and remove panel out of your way.



3. Next, locate the two 5.5mm machine head screws that hold the filter cover on. You will be looking up at the underneath side of the dash to see them. Remove them and the long narrow cover will drop down.



4. Once the cover is removed, the filter can be pulled down and out into the footwell.



5. Insert the new filter. Reassembly is just the opposite. Pay attention to the airflow direction on the filter! Don't forget to plug your footwell light back in prior to replacing the upper kick panel.