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Installing Porsche Boxster 987.2 Short Shifter





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The Porsche Short Shift Kit (P/N 99742498300) was purchased from Suncoast




We had just purchased a CPO 2010 Boxster S and my spoiled wife complained about the shifter, she didn't want to "row a boat" - I guess that's what I get for replacing all of the other shifters in past cars.


Some tools I used to accomplish the shifter R&R:

        T9 Torx driver

        T20 Torx driver

        Small straight pick

        Metric socket wrench and extension


The console will have to come out to access the shifter assembly:



I started by removing the boot from the console. Lift up in the front to release the two front and two side clips and then pull forward and up, the clips at the back of the boot hook under the console edge and this will release it.




NOTE: Several forum members were nice enough to point out that the shift knob can be removed in one piece, I was following someone elseís guide to remove the knob and didnít think twice about it. Several good comments and pictures on this forum thread to replace below step highlighted in RED in order to remove shift knob/boot in one piece. In summary, you can skip the below step and just pull straight up on the knob AFTER rotating the boot as illustrated in the next step.


Next, I used a small pick to remove the shifter cap by carefully prying up to release clips. Two small screws are removed using a T9 Torx driver (I actually did not have a driver that small so I had to make do with a multi-tool). After the two small screws are removed the rear shifter piece can be removed by pulling back, up, and out:



The boot is released from the remaining shifter piece by rotating the keyed collar clockwise, the shift boot seam at the 6:00 position is moved to ~8:00 and pulled down:



The remaining shifter piece is then removed by pulling up. The boot can be removed by rotating and lifting up so that the boot can clear the shift rod:



Parts removed so far:



The trim panel around the shift boot is the next thing to be removed, held in place by 4 screws that are removed with a T20 Torx driver:



The rear two screws are easily removed but the front screws are under a plastic piece. The way to access these is to remove the metal clips using a pick to release, then the screws are accessible:



With the clips out of the way all four screws are removed with a T20 Torx driver (I used the multi-tool because it was handy but a driver works best):



The trim piece is pulled towards the back to release (it slides into clips in front) and carefully maneuvered around the shifter to remove:




The single screw up front is removed. It is tight to access but the plastic in front/above it can be flexed out of the way enough to loosen using a T20 Torx driver:



The parking brake panel is removed by lifting at the rear and tilting up and pulling towards the rear to release- it hooks in the front. The single screw underneath is removed with a T20 Torx driver:



Moving to the rear of the console the storage compartment lid is lifted so that the rubber liner can be removed to access the T20 Torx screws underneath. Once the three screws are removed the piece can be carefully lifted up to free the two clips at the front:



The electrical connector for the aux-in can be unplugged:


One more screw remains to be removed using a T20 Torx driver:



There is a single small screw on either side in the front that is removed using a T20 Torx driver:



The console is carefully lifted in the rear and pulled back far enough to unplug the wiring harness and release the harness clips from the plastic console ears. The L-shaped piece is twisted and pulled out to remove (lighter light?):


The shifter cables are released after the console is removed. This is accomplished by pushing the spring loaded clips up and turning the collar clockwise to lock into the recess- cables are then lifted out. I recommend placing the transmission in neutral BEFORE executing this step so that the new shifter that is locked into the neutral position lines up:



The shifter cables are removed from the brackets on the shifter assembly by pressing two ears together and lifting up:



With the shifter cable removed, four bolts are removed using a socket wrench:



The shifter is then removed:



Comparing the OE to the short shifter the modified geometry can be seen, the green clip on the short shifter is the alignment tool to keep the shifter centered while the cables are reconnected:



The new shifter installation is reverse of removal instruction above- this is a GREAT first mod for your new Porsche.