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This CPO 2010 Boxster S was purchased from Ryan McIntyre at Jim Ellis Porsche. Click HERE for the listing and pics as it was posted when I bought it. Ryan was GREAT to deal with, I cannot recommend him enough if you're in the market for a Porsche.
Below are some pics taken shortly afer we brought it home:

First thing to go was the OE shifter- my wife complained that it was not as short or precise as what she was used to, maybe my fault for spoiling her and moving her point of reference up . The Porsche OE short shifter (P/N 99742498300) was chosen for warranty reasons and was purchased from Suncoast Parts. Installation requires center console removal and minimal tools, my installation DIY guide can be found HERE.
This is the shifter that should have been included with the S model....but we all know how the Porsche ala carte profit model works. Shifts are significantly shorter and precise.

Clear Bra installed on front bumper, hood, fenders, mirrors, and headlights by Keith at Chuforia Graffix:

First oil change for me, and since I'm not a fan of the post-lawsuit Mobil1, I decided to go with Elf Total Quartz Energy 9000 5w40 from autohausAZ. It is on the current Porsche approved oil list, in 10k miles or one year I'll send it off and see how it fares compared to the Mobil1 0w40 I am sending out for oil analysis now. I also decided to replace the drain plug with a magnetic one from LN Engineering, it installs using a 10mm HEX socket as opposed to the OE using an 8mm HEX socket.
I start by backing the car on to ramps after a warm up drive, loosening/removing the drain bolt after placing a LARGE drain pan underneath, and then changing out the oil filter insert. A long extension is required to reach the oil filter canister, and a oil filter wrench (74-76mm, 14 flute) works well in place of the factory tool and is easily sourced at the local McParts store- I found my Pennzoil filter wrench (P/N 19903) at O'Reilly Auto Parts. After the new oil filter is replaced and the canister torqued to 25 Nm as labeled (~18.5 lb/ft), I jack the car up at the front jack points to level it out for a complete drain which takes ~ 1 to 1.5 hours. The drain bolt is then reinstalled and torqued to 37 lb/ft (I found the torque spec HERE). The drain method I used worked well, the car took about 7.5 liters (~8 quarts) of oil to fill.

GT3 brake duct guides from Suncoast Parts and Accessories installed:



UPDATE: This car is gone. After being utterly disgusted with service at Jim Ellis (email me for details), we just decided to take a break from Porsche ownership. Maybe a classic or new Porsche in the future.......who knows.  


Oil Analysis performed by Blackstone Laboratories

Oil Analysis at 28839 miles- Porsche Dealership Mobil1 0w40 Synthetic  





2010 Porsche 987 Boxster/Boxster S Owners Manual

2010 Porsche 987 Boxster/Boxster S Intermediate Maintenance Checklist

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