Mark's 2004 Corvette Z06
Anti Venom 6 Speed Modification in the C5 Corvette

This modification will reduce the "notch" feeling when shifting between gears.

What I got to perform this job:

"Oil Tight" Copper Washer #65277 M20 3/4" Copper
15/16" Socket. It makes it easier being a deep socket like mine.

The bolt in the below picture is the DETENT Plug.
Its located on the passenger side of the 6 speed. Just above and forward of the 6 speed drain plug.

This is the Detent Plug removed with the Copper Gasket that I added.

Reinstall the Detent plug.

Go for a drive and see if you like the change.
As you can see its super easy to go back to stock if you don't like the easier shifting.