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Big props and thanks to Xtremjeepn for inspiring me to do this install last night. When I have some time I'll rewrite this with even more informative tips. I really enjoy this mod.

1. Order extra V1 mount and remove suction cups.
2. Order hardwire kit with integrated mute switch (round).
3. Start to run your wire from the mirror down through p-side door and across back of dash behind glove box.
4. Run the power cord to the cig lighter. Tap into the blue and pink with a t-splice connector. This is a switched 12v source. DRIVE SIDE 12V. There is an inline fuse in the hardwire kit, so it's safe.
5. Run the ground (it's linked to the power cable, so you can't go too far with this) up to the Bottom-left bolt for your stereo or mygig.
6. Drill hole in interior dash panel for mute switch, run switch into hole and lock with included lock washer and nut.
7. Hold up your V1 to desired location and get an idea on where you want it. Remove the radar from the mount. Use a pencil and mark the holes. Drill the holes with a tiny drill bit, to get them started. Insert some small screws. 
8. Put the mount on and make sure it all lines up. Put some 3m foam in between to provide a little cushion/dampening. 
9. Temporarily install the radar on the mount, if it all looks good, remove unit and tighten screws.
10. Rock n roll.

Again, Xtremjeepn deserves the props for this install. I prefer my switch method b/c my gf likes to hit the mute button, if I'm not paying attention. Xtremjeepn went with a flat mute switch on the steering wheel. Good stuff.

I will leave the mount and switch in the jeep if I resell. Next guy is all hardwired up and ready to go!

#4 Sucks. It's very tight under there, and I don't even have large hands. I should have just run my own power wire from the battery. Or use the extra 12v source that came with my lockpick2 (but I forgot about that).


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I appreciate all of the info & good people on this site.
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