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This 2016 Scion FRS Release Series 2.0 was purchased from Tim Jump at Heyward Allen Toyota- pretty low stress dealership and the staff was great. After our experience with our son's 2014 Scion FRS, we decided this last year Scion FRS would make a great replacement for our aging Mini Cooper S. This FRS may be the only car where I have found an existing, quality DIY guide for just about all mods......
The FRS is the Toyota/Scion side of the FT86 twins, the Subaru BRZ is the other side- there are some suspension tuning differences between the two.
Since it has push-button start it also has the alarm which by default is turned off: following the steps in this forum post will enable/activate it.
This car was #623/1000 of the Release Series 2.0 which has the nicer BRZ interior and electronics-
FT86 FRS Release Series 2.0 Registry HERE. RS 2.0 specific front spoiler is P/N PZ321-18004, wheels are P/N PTR20-18160-BK.
Vehicle Specifications are HERE. Dealer Ad is HERE, dealer ad pictures below:

Scion Mud Guards (P/N PU060-18013-P1) sourced from Amazon installed - Installation instructions HERE and a good DIY write-up on FT86 Club HERE.
Rather than remove the front wheels, I turned the steering wheel to one side to allow access and then the other direction for the other side- this allowed plenty of room to install the front guards, drill and all. No way around removing the rear wheels, this is required for easy installation of the rear guards. Before and after pics show what is covered/protected, this is a GREAT first mod.

Some Subaru/BRZ updates from Quirk Parts and Amazon installed:

While installing the new mirror I also decided to hardwire the radar detector using a power cord made up of pins that push into the back of the plug for the mirror, good forum DIY guides HERE and HERE. I did not remove all of the trim that the DIY shows, I merely unsnapped the center of the headliner and carefully fed wires through. This forum thread outlines a solution for the mirror adapter stability issue- buy some 8-32 X 1/2 (non self-tapping) flat head screws and replace the 2 self tapping mounting screws.

New tag- W00S4H (WOOSAH..... Relax, it's a 4 cylinder)

Owning BMW M cars got me in the habit of dumping factory fill at around 1k miles to remove break-in metals/, time to change the engine oil/filter, transmission fluid, and differential fluid.....and also install a Fumoto Oil Drain Valve, P/N F108S- follow the installation directions and don't over torque.

For the Engine: Amsoil Signature Series 0w20 Synthetic Motor Oil ....good oil thread if you track your car HERE

For the Transmission: Amsoil Manual Transmission Fluid 75w90 (GL4) or Ford XT-M5- QS Full Synthetic MTF (data sheet HERE)

For the Differential: Amsoil Severe Gear 75w110 (GL5)

Even though you may be tempted to pick up a filter at the McParts store, you should really opt for the Japanese made Subaru oil filter, P/N 15208AA130 (same filter you get in the Toyota box with P/N SU003-00311)- Subaru specs the filter bypass pressure higher than most of the McParts store filters....some good oil filter discussion HERE and HERE.
I love Amsoil products and am a dealer but after running the MTF in my son's car decided to try the Ford Motorcraft fluid in our shifts so much better and is GL4, maybe a bit thinner? No more painful waiting to go into 2nd when colder, and after it is warm shifts like butter.

ProClip phone mount installed, consisting of:

For now, I decided it was easier to use the existing 12v socket in the glovebox than to hardwire the phone adapter.
Also a value add for this mount, using the Torque app with an OBDII Bluetooth Adapter is one way to get cheap gauges on your Android phone. You can configure the PID for oil temp (forum thread HERE).....but no oil pressure gauge since there is no sensor other than the Y/N switch sensor for the idiot light.

My son installed a KartBoy short shifter in his car and I opted to install his hand-me-down TRD Quick Shifter (P/N PTR54-18130) in our car.....with red LocTite Installation instructions HERE. The biggest complaint and the reason my son replaced his is due to the hex bolt loosening and causing the shifter to malfunction, cleaning the bolt/threads and using red Loctite should resolve this. Some forum discussion on the TRD Quick Shifter HERE and HERE.
I also thought it was a good time to install the MTEC Industries shifter springs, installation video HERE. The MTEC springs are worth the effort, shifts almost telepathic now....I may at some point in the future install their clutch spring as well (installation instructions HERE).
Of course with a TRD quick shifter you also need a TRD shift knob, this one is a Tacoma shift knob (P/N PTR26-35060) that is threaded correctly but needs a bit of help with the lift-for-reverse feature, Sickspeed to the rescue with their reverse cup, 12x1.25.
I later decided to add the Raceseng Reverse Lockout from FRSport, installation instructions HERE and installation video HERE. I ended up using one size smaller than the recommended 3/32 punch to remove the OE rollpin, 3/32 punch I had was just a bit tight....**DON'T FORGET TO PUT IT IN REVERSE BEFORE REMOVING THE PUNCH AND OE LOCKOUT**. I had some leftover swaybar bushing grease I applied to the plastic piece prior to installing the new lockout.
And, short shifters accentuate the already bad cold performance of the transmission, the reason the FRS/BRZ has this issue is HERE.
One option for clutch feel and throwout bearing longevity is to adjust the clutch pedal, forum thread HERE. Some also opt to remove the helper spring for the clutch pedal, the spring makes the clutch pedal light but also hard to feel the engagement/release points, forum thread HERE.

TRD Performance Air Intake (P/N PTR03-18130) from Amazon installed, Installation instructions HERE.
DSport tested the TRD Intake HERE and HERE, video HERE. F1point4 posted a quick look review HERE.
I originally purchased this from Peruzzi Toyota (dba Toyota Parts House), they canceled my order without any explanation and raised the price- STAY FAR AWAY FROM THESE GUYS!!
EASY way to remove/install the grommets from factory airbox is to push out the metal insert, remove grommet, install grommet, push metal insert back in. It was also a bit tough to remove the sound generator tube hose at the point suggested in the instructions so I removed it from the firewall and capped it there....why keep it?

HKS Air Intake Duct (P/N 70999-AT001) from Enjuku Racing installed- release information HERE, installation video HERE.
Some forum discussion on the HKS Air Intake Duct is HERE and on modifying the OE air intake HERE.
Remove the front bumper (remove ALL bolts/clips and pull on either side of bumper to release/remove), 10mm socket to remove (2) bolts for OE air intake and pull out, remove both grommets, reinstall grommets on HKS intake, insert HKS intake into air filter housing, and bolt in place.

Before: After:

TRD Sway Bar Set (P/N PTR11-18130) from Sullivan Brothers Toyota Parts installed, Installation instructions HERE.

TRD Member Brace Set (P/N MS300-18001) from Japex Trading LTD installed (Japan Parts is a little cheaper/slower), Installation instructions here in Japanese and English Translation. These braces allow all bottom covers/shields to be reinstalled.
The rear/bumper brace will most likely collect dust in the garage, US spec cars are built with a heavier/stronger rear bumper reinforcement compared to JDM cars.....and it would require some modifications to work for not a lot of ROI.

TRD Door Stabilizer (P/N MS304-18001) from Japan Performance (Amazon) installed, Installation instructions here in Japanese and English Translation. I have a hand impact driver but found the easiest/quickest way to remove the OE parts was to use a breaker bar with the impact bit.
Aisin received awards in 2012 for the design of this part.
Forum discussion can be found HERE and a Forum DIY guide is HERE.

GrimmSpeed Strut Tower Brace, Master Cylinder Brace, and Hood Struts installed.....installation instructions here:

Some forum discussion on the:
  • GrimmSpeed Strut Tower Brace is HERE and HERE.
  • GrimmSpeed Master Cylinder Brace is HERE, video that shows comparison before/after HERE.
  • GrimmSpeed Hood Struts is HERE, testing video HERE.

OEM JDM Modellista Red Engine Cover (P/N D2110-37010) from eBay installed.

Rexpeed Wide Angle Heated Mirrors from FT86 Speed Factory installed.....using this video.

Cusco acceleration pedal attachment from Amazon for better heel/toe action installed- Installation Instructions HERE.
Forum discussion HERE.
Not the best thought out product for installation- they could have designed the rear mount plates in such a way that the nylok nuts would be held in place so you don't have to find new yoga positions to hold a 7mm ignition wrench on the nut while tightening the hex screws with a 2.5mm HEX key.....oh well, it seems to be an improvement once installed.

Scion All-Weather (Rubber) Floor Mat set (P/N PT908-18130-20) from Amazon installed, a little less slippery than the OE carpet and should last forever.....and the OE carpet mats will be relegated to storage since they cannot be replaced, now everything is Toyota 86 logo.

Depo Racing 60mm Oil Pressure/Temp Gauge (P/N WA603426B, installation instructions HERE) from Tuner Parts Direct installed using:

  • ProSport Oil Galley Plug 1/8 NPT (P/N PRS PSNUT) for the oil temp sender
    NOTE: The Subaru OEM Oil Galley Plug is threaded for 1/8 BSPT senders and DOES NOT WORK for 1/8 NPT senders.
  • Pegasus Pressure Gauge Adapter, 1/8 BSP Male & Female, 1/8 NPT Female Tee for the new oil pressure sender and retention of the existing OE sender,
  • ATI Vent Pod 60mm (P/N ATI VPOD-72)

  • I used a GREAT forum DIY guide HERE and AutoMeter guide in part HERE during installation of vent pod/gauge and wiring. To make the ATI Pod fit the AC vent tightly, I wrapped it with electrical tape....and then did the same thing with the Depo gauge to make sure it was tightly pressed into the pod, we don't need any new rattles
    Permatex® High Temperature Thread Sealant (P/N 59235) (tech data sheet HERE) used on all adapters and senders, I let it cure the 24 hour cure time before starting engine up to check for leaks.

    [UPDATE] No leaks but the short oil temp probe did not really protrude from the galley adaptor and may have contributed to the delta between its readings and the OBDII/Torque gauge (others had the same issue, detailed in this thread). So, I decided to plug the galley hole/remove the adapter for the oil pressure sender returning all to stock and move both senders to a TRD Oil Sandwich Plate (P/N MS415-00001) for a clean/best scenario sender placement....we'll see if that corrects the oil temp delta. Installation instructions here in Japanese and English Translation. I did end up retapping the holes for 1/8"-27 NPT and using thread sealant, they come tapped as BSP- proceed at your own risk.

    Whiteline bushings and rear sway bar mount braces installed:

    All of these Whiteline Bushings coupled with the Perrin Engine Mounts makes for a super tight feeling car.

    Perrin Engine Mounts from Amazon installed - Installation Instructions HERE. Forum Discussion on Perrin mounts HERE and HERE, do they need heat shields HERE, DIY heat shield HERE, installation discussion HERE and HERE.
    Since I was already having to loosen engine mounts and jack the motor for the Nameless downpipe installation I figured I would go ahead and install these at the same time.
    Installation: I used the noted forum guides, no issues removing either OE mount but I did have the over pipe out and the steering rack dropped at that point for other projects. The driver side mount was a little more challenging but out in 5 minutes, I would recommend removing the steering rack bolts so the rack is movable, this is the only way I got the driver side mount out so quick. Lining up the Perrin mount bolt hole was the most challenging part of the installation, a pry bar is your friend.
    Initial drive after installation: Yeah, a little vibration at warm idle but hardly noticeable any other time (but I have had poly mounts in most of my cars so YMMV), paired with the Whiteline transmission bushing insert you do hear more gear noise. Worthwhile even for my NA car, I like to feel connected and this enhances that aspect.

    Odyssey PC1400T Battery from Amazon installed along with a GrimmSpeed Battery Tie Down .....installation instructions HERE. The battery in the car had been left for dead a few times as it sat on the dealer lot and one of those things I didn't want to leave anyone in the family stranded so....this was a preemptive replacement with a much higher quality NEW battery.
    For those that require insight into changing out the battery in this car, this is a pretty good DIY guide with pics of the hooks and locations: Change The Battery on a Scion FR-S & Subaru BRZ.
    Warning, the GrimmSpeed battery tie down may/may not work with the OE battery, it definitely doesn't work with the Odyssey- the front J-Hook is a bit too short. Your mileage may vary but I was able to use a small S-Hook from Home Depot that lengthened the J-Hook enough to work.....time will tell if this is a viable long-term solution.
    Odyssey Battery documents: Owner's Manual HERE, Technical Manual HERE, Ultimizer Charger Information HERE/ Manual HERE, Warranty Information HERE.
    And since I'm on a GrimmSpeed roll, I also got their 86 oil cap from FRSport.

    Corsa Catback exhaust with Black Diamond Tips (P/N 14864BLK) from Amazon installed, Installation Instructions HERE and Warranty Information HERE.
    Some forum discussion on development HERE.
    Corsa replaces the midpipe and muffler, next on the list is the Nameless 2.5" Downpipe (Replaces Overpipe) with Helmholtz Resonator that replaces the front pipe and over pipe in one piece. Forum discussion is HERE, some forum write-ups outlining DIY tips HERE and HERE.
    Nameless downpipe installed first in progression along with some other projects that had overlapping labor tasks, the fit was PERFECT, no adjustments required as there was no contact anywhere.....made OE exhaust a tiny bit louder. Corsa exhaust requires a bit of time to adjust and fit so tips are aligned, maybe moreso with my Nameless front pipe? Corsa eliminates the donut flex joint at the front pipe and replaces it with a flat gasket/hard connection which is less forgiving to any tolerance differences between OE and aftermarket....I actually had to cut the muffler pipe shorter on the passenger side to allow the tip to slide closer to the muffler and to clamp/line up.
    But, the Corsa exhaust sounds great. Higher pitched and more exotic sounding than my son's TRD exhaust and with no drone, exactly what I was looking for in this car.

    RaceComp Engineering (RCE) Yellow Springs (installation instructions HERE) ordered from Modern Automotive Performance and then CANCELLED.....using OEM struts/shocks for now. MAP was great providing updates and following up but after waiting inside week 5, I gave up and canceled my order: RCE and their distributor dropped the ball in a major way even after this was brought to their attention- customer service is not their focus and regardless of product quality, service will get my $$$$ vote every time. I understand their forum participation is valued, but maybe they should spend more time managing their supply chain?
    I ended up going with TRD Springs (P/N PTR07-18130) from FRSport that were quickly delivered a week later and had the advantage of no warranty concerns, installation instructions HERE. As with all my other TRD purchases, new hardware was included (bump stops, etc.). Forum discussion on TRD springs can be found HERE.
    Some installation write-ups I used from the FT86 Club forum are HERE and HERE. I elected to go the "no spring compressor" route where all bolts up top are removed, lug bolts loosened, and one end (front or rear) jacked up at central jack point, suspension drops (more so up front than rear), sway bar bolts removed, [front] speed sensor wires and brake lines removed from retainers, [rear] knuckle bolt removed, damper compressed and moved to the outside, spring and bumper replaced, reinstalled (upper damper nuts and rear knuckle/lca bolt torqued under load)- EZPZ, under 2 hours for all including front camber bolt/crash bolt installation.
    To add a little negative camber, SPC EZ Cam Camber Bolts from Amazon were also installed- installation instructions HERE (Whiteline instructions HERE). Installing the SPC bolt in the lower bolt hole per the SPC instructions and moving that lower OE bolt to the top (effectively the lower bolt becomes the OE "crash" bolt when installed in the top hole) you can dial in enough negative camber....some forum discussion HERE and HERE.
    Some good info on spring rates and motion ratios HERE and a good comparison thread, although not updated, is HERE. These TRD springs should pair nicely with the TRD Sway Bars already installed.
    After alignment with these springs camber in the rear was a little over negative 2 degrees, with the SPC/crash bolt combo up front camber was ~ negative 2.5 degrees. PERFECT
    Twinz posted some comparison pics of his stock/TRD spring cars in this forum thread.

    TRD Aero Stabilizing Cover (P/N MS346-18001) from Japex Trading installed- Installation instructions here in Japanese and English Translation (Use the spacer table on the Japanese version, it did not translate accurately). Forum discussion (some installation advice in addition to discussion) HERE, HERE and HERE.
    The cover attaches to the glass, the body and trunk are masked off to prevent primer contact, glass is cleaned with supplied PAC cleaner, and then PAC primer is applied to glass and allowed to dry for 10 minutes (don't get this on any painted surfaces). Measure distance from glass to trunk edge per instructions and use spacers per chart....adhesive is to build spacers of correct thickness, NOT to stick to cover. Once the spoiler is put in place with correct spacers, double side tape backing (should already have leading edge taped to cover) is removed per instructions- top first and then bottom. Once ALL double side tape backing is removed the spacers can also be removed....and I typically like to apply pressure at points around the object being double-side taped to promote adhesive bonding.

    With all of the TRD enhancements, I decided I needed a TRD emblem on the trunk. RED TRD emblem (P/N PT413-35120-02, for Toyota TRD Pro trucks and SUVs) from Amazon purchased and installed.

    Rayhoo High Power 2835 W16W LED Bulbs For Backup/Reverse Lights from Amazon installed.
    Feel behind lens for socket on either side, twist socket counter clockwise to unlock and pull out, pull bulb out and insert new bulb. Since LEDs only work one way, it is a good idea to engage reverse to turn lights on so you can verify they are installed the correct way and working before reassembly. If they are not working, remove bulb and insert the opposite way.

    StopTech stainless steel brake lines from AutoAnything installed along with stainless steel Speed Bleeders (P/N SB1010-SS) from Quadratec.
    Forum DIY Guide HERE for SS brake line installation.

    In pursuit of a better feeling FRS clutch I decided to adjust the clutch pedal first, FT86 forum DIY HERE....WOW, so much better.
    Next up is the clutch slave swap detailed in this FT86 forum DIY HERE, sourced from the local 24/7 AutoZone (P/N 900061), copper washers sourced from Amazon......I might not ever use all of them but I will use them, and these were free with my Amazon Rewards CC points.
    Watch the fluid level in the reservoir, it's not big and only takes a few pumps to drain it
    Definitely worth the low investment in both time/$$$ (30 minutes and $30) for the ROI, clutch now feels lke it should have- take note Toyota/Subaru.


    [UPDATE] My son sold his FRS to buy ours. Better to keep all of the mod $$$$ and effort in the family.

    Xpel Ultimate Plus Paint Protection Film (VIDEO) on the front bumper/hood/fenders/front roof section/a-pillars/mirrors/door handles installed at Sun&Shield Automotive Films.





    Oil Analysis performed by Blackstone Laboratories

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