Extending MKIV Key Fob Antenna Range BY VW Vortex’s bootymac


Some of you might be annoyed at how our keyless remote works from only 10 feet away. Well, this is the DIY project for you. If you have any questions, feel free to IM me.



-          This guide is based on a 2000 GTI 2.0L. Details may vary between models, years, and makes. I am not responsible for any damage or stupid things you do!




- The results will vary per car + battery life of your remote

- Certain VW vehicles did not come installed with an antenna due to a factory screw up.

- Some have experienced problems with their horns after doing this mod. You've been warned.

- Some early model VWs did not come with a factory antenna, hence your even worse than usual key range! If this applies to you, then search the archives to see what you have to do, as I do not know.






(That's my cat's tail in the pic. Don't need a cat unless you want a fancy hood ornament)


1. Butt Connectors for wires (14 gauge)

2. 14 guage wire (6 feet, don't use speaker wires)

3. Wire cutters/strippers

4. Torx screwdriver (T20 I think)

5. Flathead screwdriver










A. The Wire

1. Take the end of your 14 gauge wire and strip off ~1cm



2. Crimp the stripped wire into one end of the butt connector







B. Removing the interior trim

3. Remove the fuse box cover with your flathead screwdriver



4. Now you have to remove the housing around the fusebox. Get a good grip and pull it out (like how you open your door) and it slide out. This is a bit tricky so you may have to use a little more force than usual.




5. After you remove the housing, look under your dash. You have to remove THREE T20 torx screws



6. Now remove the trim pieces. You will see a metal plate underneath. You have to remove SIX T20 torx screws



C. The Wiring

7. Take a look inside and locate the TWO wire harnesses. Disconnect the beige/black one (Golf/GTI models have the beige harness, while Jettas have the black harness)



8. Look for the clear wire in this harness. This is the wire that is the antenna for the keyless remote. Not too impressive



9. Cut the wire. Make sure you leave enough slack for you to strip



10. Strip ~2cm off the wire and fold the bare copper in half. The purpose of this is to make it a little thicker so the connection is good. This is important because the original wire is ~22gauge so it will be too thin for your butt connector.



11. Connect the antenna to the other end of your butt connector. Plug the beige/black wire connector back in



D. Running the "antenna"

12. Now run your wire out the fusebox...



13. And up the A pillar...



14. All the way to the B pillar. I had a lot of slack so I also ran it down the pillar



15. Now tuck the wire into the trim and you should finish with a very clean 6feet antenna!



16. Test your remote range before you reassemble the interior