Elise Dash Removal Instructions By EliseTalk’s buzzy



I took my dash apart today for fun and to also find some clips that were sliding around inside.


1. Disconnect Battery!


2. Pull Passenger Airbag Cover off.

Pull it directly towards you.

You'll break 4 plastic clips which will need to be replaced- Part is Clip, cover to dash panel (Option A121U0117F R/B) B121U0117F Qty 4.


3. Remove steering column cowling.

Remove 2 screws from the bottom and 4 from the sides.

Pull the bottom part downwards and disconnect the trip reset button cable. A small pick or eyeglasses screwdriver inserted into the clip will release it.


Pull this piece off, it's loose:



Now time to remove the upper cowling. It's held on with 4 metal clips (highlighted in blue, 2 on each side) and some Velcro (green).



Lift the back of the cowling up to the sky to loosen the Velcro, then pull the whole thing forward towards the back of the car. The metal part of the clips might fall into the dash but you should be able to get those later.


Here's what the metal clips look like, all the remaining parts are held on with them and screws:



4. Remove center vents and radio

If you want, you can use the radio removal tools to take the radio out first. I don't have mine so I took this part off whole.


Remove the 3 or 4 screws (highlighted in red) and then pull the piece directly towards you, it's held on with one clip (blue):



5. Side sills and side vents.

The side sill and side vent is all one piece.

Remove the small screw towards the back of the side sill.

Lift up the rubber mat and remove the 2 screws at each side:



Remove these 2 screws:



Pull out the plastic trim that holds the start button and disconnect it.



The vent area is held on with 2 clips here:



Lift the side sill up from the rear and pull back to release the 2 clips. It might be stuck down so pull it.


Do the same for the other side.


6. Loosen Tachometer

To get the dash top off you'll need to loosen the tachometer and lean it towards the back of the car.



7. Remove Dash Top

It's screwed down with 4 or 5 screws.

Lift up slightly and disconnect the speakers.

Pull towards the back of the car to remove.





Overall I wouldn't say this was too hard at all, I was pretty scared to do it but it ended up being a lot of fun.


I hope this is useful for some people.