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BMW e90 Manual Transmission Fluid Change BY e90post.comís Mr. 5





First of all, do this at your own risk! I take no responsibility for the mistakes that you make, so be careful. This is just a guide to make it easier for you.

You will need the following:

8mm hex wrench
8mm socket wrench
10mm socket wrench
2 quarts of whatever fluid you want to use
Aprox 3 feet of tubing with ID 3/8" or a pump
A pan to catch the fluid

When changing your tranny fluid the car must be level. I used ramps for the front and then put blocks under the rear tires.

The rear was still a little low so I jacked my car up a bit more

Locate and remove the 8mm screws that hold on the trans cover. There should be 7 of them. The cover twists 90 degrees in order to remove from the bracket.

Use the 10mm socket and take off the bracket that you just twisted the cover off. It's circled by a green circle (below). Removing this bracket makes it easier to get to the fill plug.

Take the 8mm hex wrench and remove the fill plug first. Don't forget to put your pan underneath for any spillage.
Removing the fill plug first is very important. If you drain your fluid first and you can't remove the fill plug then you're screwed!
The fill plug is located in the red circle (above) and is on the right hand side of the car.

When you have the fill plug removed then place your pan underneath the drain plug and use the 8mm hex wrench once again to remove the drain plug.
The fill plugs and drain plugs are the same.

Let it drain! Take a break!

Once it's drained enough then put the plug back in and tighten it.

Now you can add the fluid of choice. I'm using Royal Purple Synchromax. I've used Royal Purple in the past and the product is unbelievable! The shifts are like cutting through butter!

Take your hose and connect it to the tip of the fluid container. Put the other end into the fill hole and just squirt away. If you have a pump then just pump it in.

Once the fluid starts to overflow, you are done filling it up.
Our cars take just under 2 quarts.

Put the fill plug back in and torque it down.
Wipe off the excess fluid and start your car.
Make sure there are no leaks!
Put everything back, put your car on the ground and drive the heck out of it!