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BMW E30 Fuse and Relay Layout




K1 Normal Speed Fan Relay

K2 Horn Relay

K3 High Beam Relay

K4 Low Beam Relay

K5 Un-Loader Relay

K6 High Speed Fan Relay

K7 Un-Loader Relay

K8 Fog Light Relay

K10 Wiper Control Unit



Fuses in picture are counted from left to right with top left being #1, and bottom right being #30.


1 7.5A headlight, left high beam


2 7.5A headlight, right high beam


3 15A aux cooling fan low speed


4 15A turn signals, emergency flashers, Active check control, digital clock


5 30A windshield wiper and washer


6 7.5A stop lights, cruise, active check control, ABS, Interior lights


7 15A horn


8 30A rear defogger


9 15A fuel delivery, idle speed


10 7.5A seat belt sys, service interval sys, tach/economy gauge, Instrument gauges, cruise

brake warning sys, back-up lights, OBC, starter, fuel delivery, idle speed, active check control, stop lights.


11 - 7.5 fuel pump


12 7.5A radio, speedo, OBC, clock


13 7.5A left low beam


14 7.5A right low beam


15 not used


16 15A heated seats


17 30A sunroof, windows


18 30A aux cooling fan, high speed


19 7.5A aux cooling fan, Interior lights, power mirrors


20 30A heater / AC, aux radiator cooling fan


21 7.5A glovebox light, interior lights, radio mem, trunk light, active check control, service interval

OBC, fuel delivery, tach, economy gauge, digital clock


22 7.5A active check control, front parking lights, taillights, front side marker lights


23 7.5A Instrument lights, front parking lights, taillights, license lights, active check control, rear defogger

clock, OBC


24 15A turn signals, emergency flashers


25 not used


26 not used


27 30A interior lights, central locking, OBC, radio amp


28 30A lighter, power antenna


29 7.5A left fog light


30 7.5A right fog light