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DefaultModify your own CDV - 01-19-2008, 02:10 PM

Tired of paying $30 plus for something you can do for free?

I picked up a spare CDV from the wholesale department at my dealer for $5.95. You can also take out the CDV, modify it and replace it for FREE but I wanted to do everything at once while under the car so I spent $5.95 on a spare. I then took the following steps to modify the CDV.

Before removal, first crimp the rubber line leading to the CDV so you don't lose all you brake fluid. Here's a picture of the CDV before the modification. As you can see the fluid is restricted from flowing through quickly and will therefore slow the engagement of the clutch on fast shifts.

Next take a small allen wrench and insert it into the small end of the CDV as shown. With minimal pressure tap the allen wrench and the restrictor will pop right out.

Pictured here is the inside of the CDV once popped out. There is nothing else left inside the CDV and it's now guts free.

Reinstall the modified CDV. Fluid is now free to flow through the valve unobstructed and you will notice the difference right away. If you reinstall the CDV quickly enough you may not need to bleed the lines but it's a good idea anyway.

Since I did this mod months ago I don't have actual step-by-step instructions on how to do it but following is a link to the best DIY CDV replacement I've seen: http://www.billswebspace.com/BMWCDVMod.htm. Without the guts in your stock CDV it looks identical inside to the Zeckhausen modified CDV in this DIY.