Lift Bolt Replacement BY  Tronix, Uansari and Lamar Vannoy




There is a TSB (#EG010-03) issued regarding intake and exhaust lift bolts for 2000-2002 GT-S models. The bolts are experiencing some heavy wear under lift usage, and have been known to break off, causing a bit of work to remove the broken pieces. To prevent this, it is a good idea to replace the old bolts with the new style bolts (part# 90105-06293). You can get the bolts from your local Toyota dealer. Cost should be between .60 and .80 cents a piece. This is a simple install, will take anywhere from 20-40 minutes depending on your skill level.



**Caution, Team Celica nor the authors of this install are liable for any problems resulting in the use of the following information. Use this information at your own risk**



Tools Required:

3/8" drive ratchet

socket extention

3/8" socket swivel joint

10mm Socket

5mm allen Wrench

(2) New Lift bolts (part# 90105-06293)




Allow engine to cool for a few hours before attempting this install.


1) Disconnect negative battery terminal and wrap with a rag so it doesnt ground out on the chassis.


2) Remove Plastic Valve cover protector (4 bolts 5mm allen).



3) Remove the 4 ignition coil bolts on top of the valve cover (4 bolts).



4) Remove the 2 bolts shown on the wire harness protection rail.



5) Remove the 2 PCV hoses in the right upper corner (pressure clamps).



6) Pull the igniters/coils out of the valve cover.



7) Unbolt (2 bolts) the ventilation pipe and be careful not to harm gasket.



8) Remove the 2 bolts holding the Wire harness and hose to the right of the valve cover.



9) Remove the 9 bolts that hold the Valve Cover on.



Bolt #7 will require the socket swivel head due to limited work area.



10) Remove The Valve Cover.



11) Remove the 2 Lift Bolts and replace with new bolts. (front is intake, rear is exhaust) Lift Bolt Torque Spec: 5.5 FT/lbs



12) Reverse steps to re-assemble. Make sure when you are putting the valve cover back on, make sure the Oil supply Pipe in the upper right corner lines up and pops into place. Valve Cover Bolts Torque Spec: 7 FT/lbs



The new bolt is on the Left, and the old is on the right. Note the wear on the old bolt.

The new bolt has a taper where the lift bolts are wearing out, which redirects the load and extends the life of these bolts.