My 1st VW: 1986 VW Golf GTi



(L to R clockwise) Only picture of car after paint and new Fittipaldi Wheels, car in impound lot after it was recovered, Recaro leather interior and ALL stereo equipment stripped, bucket they used to drive the car to ditch it.

I had just gotten this car where I wanted it, just married with first child on the way, almost out of school and my car gets boosted from the apartment we lived in. Completely gutted and back on the road in hours, cut the front frame to get motor and trans in one shot. ABD suspension gone, interior stripped down to bare metal, and about $3k in stereo equipment gone......and the kicker is all I could afford at the time was liability insurance so I just had to cut my losses, signed the title over to the salvage yard to cover storage fees. Later found my wheels on a car and police did NOTHING, what a waste of tax money they are.....anyway, can't appreciate the good times without some bad times, car was fun while I had it.