Delocking a VW MKIV by strictlyea.comís steffenme1





Here's how it's done.  I've found a few DIY's but with most of them the pictures no longer work, or they don't include part #'s.  

Here's my take on it.

This mod is easy as pie, but maybe not as tasty.  Sure maybe it's as good as blueberry pie, or perhaps even apple.  But not as good as something like chocolate. Smile

Here's the parts you're going to need.


And some primer, paint, and clear.  I ordered mine from Paintscratch.com, they were relatively cheap, and easy to order from.  I've managed to do several projects with the paint now, and I still have plenty left.

The cap and housing

I made a little "stand" out of foam board to hold my cap in place while I painted it.  This kept it off the spraying surface and made it easier to move around. And because I'm cool. Mr Green

I prepped the cap by cleaning it well and then sanding with 400 grit.

Here comes the primer.  I sprayed 2 coats of primer, then sanded with 1000.

Then the base coat.

And more base coat.  I ended up spraying 4 coats of base, sanding with 1000 between the first 2, then wetsanding with 2000 between the last 2.  

Then the clear.  I lost track of how much clear I sprayed.  At least four coats.  Wet sanded with 2000 between coats, but I did not sand the final coat.  I merely used some 3M polish and let it go.  I think it came out pretty damn fine if I do say so myself.

Now to remove the old lock.  First remove this plug.

Behind the plug lies a T20.

The damn thing sits in there like 3 inches.  I initially tried to use a 1/4 ratchet with a short extension, but it's just too tight an area.  In the end I ended up using a screwdriver/torx.

The T20 acts as a set screw of sorts on the lock cylinder, once you loosen it the cylinder can just be pulled out my hand with minimal drama from the outside.

Here's what the cylinder looks like once you extract it.

Install the housing with the cap, re-tighten the T20, replace the black plastic cap, and you are done.

Celebrate with a cold one Partymanand practice crawling through your trunk.   thumbsup