My Lotus Elise Amplifier Install


To get motivated I started the job by applying industrial Velcro to the amps and the floor where the Stealthbox would mount. The Velcro works well due to the tight fit of both. The amps’ small size allows for a fit within the seat back recess.




The first step in disassembling the interior was to remove the seatbelts, 17mm for both.






Once they have been removed they can be left hanging/placed on the ground, be careful not to scuff the cover or your paint.



By removing the lumber adjustment bulb (5 mm Hex), the rear bolt can be accessed.






A swivel head extension works fine for the seat bolts (6mm HEX and 13mm).




The front bolts require a small head ratchet or wrench.



By placing the screws/bolts on the ground beside the object removed and in the pattern they were removed, assembly is not subject to memory- driver’s side bolts shown below.





After the seats are out, the next step is center console removal starting at the rear. A single screw holds the black piece in.



Two more screws hold the lower piece in place.





To remove the console the shift knob has to be unscrewed, and the parking brake handle removed (2 hex screws).



There is one Torx screw on either side that will have to be removed to get the console out.




To remove the rear panel I used the instructions for the 4Tress Bar install from Sector 111:

You start out by removing the 4 plastic screws on top.



It is easier to unplug the interior light when it is snapped out. The plastic trim can be removed by carefully working top to bottom, side to side per the 4Tress instructions.




Once the plastic piece has been removed, there is a thick foam pad that will need to be removed by carefully pulling it out, one side at a time.



With the foam pad out, you will see the radar sensor for the alarm and more importantly the grommet at the right lower corner that the power wire will be routed through.



Grommet is at lower right corner looking towards the firewall (Rear).



The power wire is routed from the battery by carefully running it through the existing conduit for the battery in the trunk.





The power wire can then be routed alongside the existing conduit and under the airbox to the grommet area.



Baling wire can be used to put a hole in the grommet and have something to attach the power wire to (electrical tape works) on the other side so that the power wire can be pulled through.




Blaupunkt provides a preamp plug but it replaces the existing double plug.



To avoid cutting the wiring harness, I purchased the Passat harness adapter which plugged into the existing harness for me to wire the new plug to and allows me to reverse the preamp plug easily.






To run the wires to the stereo, the below plastic piece can be removed from the tray.



Wires can then be run from the radio, in the cable channel under the airbag, and down through the small hole.





Plastic conduit can be used for an OEM appearance.



Wires can be run through the center tunnel……




……..and along the center console area……



……..and finally to the amplifier(s).



Installation of interior is reverse of removal, standard disclaimer applies: this is provided for informational purposes only and any use of information contained is at user’s own risk with no liability to the author of this document J