Installing a Seat Cupra R Spoiler on your VW R32

BY VW Vortex’s g60racer


What: SEAT Cupra R front chin spoiler/lip


Where to get it? Dynamic Motorworks  (845)986-6220


How do I install it? Follow these easy steps.


Tools you will need:


Orientation of the SEAT Cupra R lip




Cut the two center posts in half.




Loosen these bolts along the front lower trim.






With bolts loosened, separate the black trim from the bumper.




Slide the tabs from the SEAT lip in between the black trim and the bumper, which you just separated.




Continue to do that, working your way around both sides of the bumper. About 1/2" will stick out past the ends near the tires.




With lip in place, tighten all the bolts. Cut the extra 1/2" off the ends of the lip where it sticks in toward the tire in the fender arch. Enjoy your new lip!